About Us

The Japanese Gallery is proud to present a collection of Original Japanese Animation Cels. These ‘Cel-ga’ are Original hand-produced items that come from the production companies and were used in the production of the shows, including some rare items from Studio Ghibli, Dragon Ball and others.

The process for making Cel-ga involves first the creation of a hand drawn sketch, which is then traced and hand painted with acrylic paint to create one frame of animation. This traditional method has been replaced by digital techniques in recent years where the sketch is scanned and then coloured on a computer, so these Cel-ga are one off collector’s items as they are no longer produced in this way.

The Japanese Gallery was established 1977 and is one of the leading Japanese antique dealers in the UK, selling woodblock prints, ceramics, swords and other items. We regularly advise and assist in authentication for museums, auction houses and educational institutions. As we purchase Cels either directly from the production companies or certified dealers, we can guarantee the authenticity of the items we sell.

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