Original After War Gundam X Anime Poster

Original After War Gundam X Anime Poster

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Title: After War Gundam X

Condition: N/A


Category: Authentic Anime Poster

Size: B2

Film/Series: After War Gundam X

Production Studio: Sunrise

Director: Shinji Takamatsu

Airdate: 1996

Source: N/A by N/A

Summary: Set in the After War timeline 15 years after a cataclysmic war, After War Gundam X follows a group of Vulture, salvagers and scavengers, and their attempts to stop history from repeating itself. It follows Garrod Ran, a orphaned technician and thief, who gets pulled into a growing conflict after rescuing Tiffa Adill, a newtype, and discovering the Gundam X. Afterwards, they join Jamil Neate and the crew of the Freeden as they attempt to locate the Newtypes and put a stop to the coming war.

After War Gundam X Side 3 original soundtrack CD that released on March 05, 1999