Original Akuma kun Anime Poster

Original Akuma kun Anime Poster

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Title: Akuma kun

Condition: N/A


Category: Authentic Anime Poster

Size: B2

Film/Series: Akuma kun

Production Studio: Toei Animation

Director: Junichi Sato

Airdate: 1989-1990

Source: N/A by Shigeru Mizuki

Summary: Another series by Shigeru Mizuki of 'Ge Ge Ge no Kitaro' fame, Akuma-kun follows a prodigal young boy who seeks to bring happiness to the world using the power of demons. After experimenting with various rituals and experiments Akuma-kun meets Dr. Faust, who teaches him the art of demon summoning. He is also given the Solomon Flute, an artifact that allows the user to bind demons to their will. With these two techniques Akuma-kun begins amassing demonic followers with which to improve humanity.