Original Neon Genesis Evangelion Anime Poster

Original Neon Genesis Evangelion Anime Poster

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Title: Neon Genesis Evangelion Revival of Evangelion Rei Ayanami, the quiet and mysterious pilot of the Eva-00 unit

Condition: Holographic


Category: Authentic Anime Poster

Size: B2

Film/Series: Neon Genesis Evangelion

Production Studio: I.G.

Director: N/A

Airdate: 1998

Source: N/A by N/A

Summary: Neon Genesis Evangelion was one of the most iconic anime of the 1990s and a landmark mecha series, set in a post-catastrophic future and telling the story of a military organisation's use of mysterious giant robots in a desperate fight for survival against monstrous creatures known as Angels. Despite its popularity, there was significant controversy surrounding the ending of the original series, which this film serves to rectify by depicting an alternate version of the anime's controversial final episodes. Revival of Evangelion consists specifically of Death (from the compilation movie Death and Rebirth) and The End of Evangelion.