Original Saint Seiya  Anime Booklet

Original Saint Seiya Legend of the Crimson Youth Anime Movie Booklet

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Title: Saint Seiya Legend of the Crimson Youth

Condition: Good for age


Category: Authentic Anime Booklet

Size: A4

Film/Series: Saint Seiya

Production Studio: Toei Animation

Director: Yamauchi Shigeyasu

Airdate: 1988

Source: Manga by Masami Kurumada

Summary: Saint Seiya, known as Knights of the Zodiac in the West, follows the story of Seiya a young man who wields one of the Cloths, protective armour given by the Greek goddess Athena to her warriors. He takes part in many battles, along with other knights such as Ikki, Shun, Hyoga and Shiryu, to both defend Athena in her battles with the other gods, and find his sister. This booklet was released with the 3rd movie.

Knights of the Zodiac